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Ways to Prevent Inner Ear Problems

Unfortunately, many inner ear problems cannot be successfully/permanently treated. For instance, presbycusis or Meniere’s disease cannot be cured but can only be addressed through alleviating techniques. Many cases of inner ear disorders can be prevented though.

  1. Avoiding loud noise is the best way to avoid noise-induced hearing loss. There is no denying that exposure to loud noise is, indeed, the reason why many people succumb to loss of hearing at some point in their lives. Damage to the delicate hair cells in the cochlea is the result of too much exposure to noise. The damage cannot be repaired-damaged hair cells don’t heal themselves. As a result, noise-induced hearing loss is incurable. Experts also believe that age-related hearing loss may also be due to cumulative noise exposure.
  2. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax or cure infection in the ears. Studies have shown that this compound can affect the function of the inner ear and may even damage it. Go to your doctor for proper treatment of earwax impaction or ear infection. Do not self medicate.
  3. Learn that some medications can cause inner ear problems. These drugs are called ototoxic medications. NSAIDs, some chemotherapy drugs, loop diuretics, and some antibiotics have been classified as ototoxic. They cause gradual damage to the ears and may make one suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss in the long run. Report to your doctor any loss of hearing or perception of tinnitus after taking a medication. Excessive dependence on ototoxic drugs may cause permanent hearing damage according to doctors.
  4. Go to your doctor if you notice changes in your hearing, if you think your hearing has become muffled, and if people complain that you are turning the television too loud for them. You might have developed mild hearing loss. If you work in noisy factories, have your hearing assessed every year.
  5. Give your ears a rest! If you have spent several days staying in disco pubs or listening to loud music, you have to spend a good time being in a low noise environment. This allows your ears to recover from the strain of constant loud noise exposure.
  6. Vertigo is a common symptom of vestibular disorders. If you frequently suffer from bouts of dizziness or vertigo, set an appointment with your doctor. Tinnitus is another common symptom of inner ear problems, such as hearing loss, so do not hesitate to go to an audiologist for hearing assessment. Many people with tinnitus have hearing loss, so opt for hearing assessment if you have tinnitus.

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Natural Ringing Hear Treatments

The first thing in treating ringing hears is to identify which ringing hear category you fall into. There are two categories of ringing hear; The Vibratory group and the Non-vibratory group. Vibratory is typically caused by nerves disorder in the central or peripheral inner ear area whereas the non-vibratory category is caused by the inner muscle contractions, changes in the ear canal, and a blood flow problem in the ear. The latter Category is the most dangerous group as it could lead to a Pulsatile Ringing hears. Pulsatile ringing hears is the most severe stage in ringing hear category which in nature has the capability to cause permanent hearing loss.

The Fundamental Truth about Ringing In Ear Treatment

The ears ringing treatment can be carried out in two different ways. It is either by conducting surgeries, or by using the natural medication approach. In most cases, it is highly recommended to adopt the natural medication approach first. This is fundamentally because if any damaged occur during the surgical approach, the damages will be a permanent one and nothing can be done to regain back hearing ever again. Having said that, here’s the list of the most powerful natural medication method that can be adopted:

Intake of Vitamins and Minerals Regular Basis

The reason for ringing in ears is the lack of Vitamin A, B complex and E. The best sources of vitamins and minerals greatly come from the natural fruits and vegetables. Make this a habit in your eating pattern. Consuming these vitamins and minerals greatly increase the chance of eliminating the pain and the ringing at the same time.

Natural Herbal Medication Consistent Intake

Herbal medication is by far the best medication approach in any types of sickness or disease. As for ringing hear syndrome, it is highly recommended to consume Ginkgo Biloba herb. This herb has the ability to enhance the blood circulation in your body and greatly improve the inflammation in your ear. As a result, it can reduce the pain and ringing in the ear.

Once a Week Of Performing Homeopathy Treatments

Homeopathy treatment may not be the best method in eliminating the ringing in the ear but it has the ability to relaxant yourself from the stress which produce by the ringing and ringing hear pain. During the homeopathy treatment, as you calm yourself, it helps you to be in a positive mindset so you’re more focus in the treatment of your ringing hear pain.

It is essential for you to undertake this natural method for the ringing ears treatment. These methods can be said as the most effective natural method in curing ringing hears. It may take up to 6 – 8 months for you to see the best result.

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